Fortified church Cisnădie 2019 *Attention: closed!

555300 Cisnădie, Str. Cetății Nr. 1-3, jud. Sibiu
Madonna from Braller (Veit Stoss 1520),
walk along the defensive structures,
tombstone with figure (12th century),
exhibitions on the local history of Communism, on “10 centuries of Transylvanian history”

Cisnădie Lutheran vicarage,
+40-269 564.597
FB: Evangelische Kirchengemeinde A.B. Heltau
Monday– Sunday
Cause of renovation works closed
Lutheran service (in German) every Sunday, 10:00 h,
coffee hour after services (in the summer

guided tours by junior-guides (de, ro,engl),
souvenir shop (with hand-woven textiles) “Sebastian Hann”,
coffee/tea (5) *